Emma Emerelle Photography

Photographer Emma van Veldhuisen

Emma Emerelle Photography


My expertise is capturing the connection between human and horse. I like doing this in the most natural way possible, so always without any tack or braids. To do so, I use a special photohalter I can later edit out in photoshop. I love working in beautifull nature settings and will always try my best to create the most beautifull background and lightning. My style can be described as dreamy, warm and loving. My photos often get described as out of a  fairytale and this is something I like to achieve. Oh and btw, I also enjoy taking action shots!


I have always loved travelling and discovering the rest of the world very much. Together with equine photography friends we enjoy organising small photo trips to other countries. We have been to Swiss, Poland and Denmark before and Austria is our next stop. It has been my dream to have international bookings and actually be able to travel the world this way. I almost can't believe my dream will come true!

My dear friend, who I have educated into equine photography, will join me on this trip. We will host the photoshoots together, so we will always have an extra set of hands to help during the shoots! I am very happy she will join me to share our special adventure.


Laura Oonk Photography

Well hi there, I will introduce myself briefly. My name is Laura Oonk, I have participated in all Emma’s learning and workshop days and so we became friends. Now we often photograph together on portfolio shoots and I enjoy helping her with her workshops days. Emma asked me to join her trip to the USA, well how could I say no to that!