Equine photography course

"Dreamy equine photos in 10 steps"


This course contains all of the vital knowledge I have gained as a full-time horse photographer! While teaching workshops, I realised that it was impossible for me to impart all of this information within such a restrictive time frame. There was only ever enough time to discuss one or two key elements. Hence, the idea arose to bundle all of my knowledge into one big book! This way every photographer, whether novice or more advanced, can work through and apply this knowledge to their work. Thus, enabling them to take beautiful, high-quality horse photos. The information provided within this course goes far beyond the basics; it offers a unique insight into my personal methods and is packed full of useful tips for every conceivable situation when photographing horses.

Perfect to start with horse photography

Super extensive to learn further as an already experienced horse photographer

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The course is incredibly detailed and packed with examples and illustrations. It not only explains how something works, but also why! This way you can more easily understand what certain choices do for a photo. No information is withheld and is intended to lift everyone to a higher level.


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The course will be delivered by post as an A4 wire-o book


$215 usd