Photo halter

Here you can buy my handmade photo rope halters.

After using a few different ones, I made this one myself, which is the best of all combined in my opinion!

It is called a photo halter because it is smaller and different then a normal rope halter. This halter doesnt cover important features of the head, so it is really easy to get it away in photoshop without loosing important shadows on the horses head. It contains a halter and a leading rope and comes with a very easy instruction video.


Also this halter is very strong, won't slip and is also capable to lunge horses on them. Even though they wont come off by strength of humans, if the horse breaks loose and the line gets strangled, it will break on the adjusment point and won't injure the horse's head. Every horse capable on being handled on a normal halter, will be able to work with this one aswell!

I have 4 different colours and one size fits all. I do ship internationally!

Note: Unfortunately because of corona the normal shipping option is very much delayed. Shipping to America, Canada and Australia. European destinations are a lot faster.
If you add a trackingcode it takes about 2 weeks.

Photo rope halter.

Very steady, strong and easy to use halter during photoshoots.

Easily edited out in photoshop.

Contains a rope halter and a lead rope.

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For instructions how to put it on, ask for a video on whatsapp: +316 40239496