Photo week the Netherlands

We already have people flying over from australia, america & germany. Who else can we soon add to our divergent group of equine photographers?😍 We will stay in a beautifull house in the middle of dutch nature.

Together with Mandy Roeting Fotografie, I organize a special week of photographing horses in Dutch nature together with learnfull workshops! We will shoot at the beach, beautifull purple heather and flowerfields. Me mainly focus to shoot during sunset, for the beautiful golden light.

We will work with among other things: A beautiful friesian, gypsy horse and Spanish horses with all liberty tricks!

If you are interested, please send me a PM on instagram or facebook! I'll send you our dates and pricing 

Once received and still interested, fill in our application form!

Photo tour application
~ NL APRIL 2021 TOUR has a few open spots! ~
14th till 20th of April

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